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Artist Statement

I create in two primary mediums, watercolour and oil. While my illustration-style watercolour works are mostly depictions of colourful botanicals, my works in oil are more painterly landscape scenes. 


My illustrations are colourful, loose, and sometimes surrealistic representations of a number of subjects, including flowers, leaves, fruit, vegetables, and landscapes. They are painted primarily in watercolour with some mixed media applications of gouache, oil pastels, and colour pencils. My landscape art in oil depicts different scenes including the ocean, lakes, and mountain ranges. 


My love of natural settings, flowers, and food is the inspiration behind nearly all my work. In my watercolour practice I love to experiment with colours, contrast, bleeding, and mixing in “unrealistic” details. This can be blotches of pink in a sea of green leaves, or playing with different scales, textures, linework, and other details to add playfulness to my work. 

In contrast to my more extensive experience working with watercolours, my oil painting practice is newer yet

evolving very fast. Initial works were inspired solely by the ocean, while I am currently adding other landscape

work and botanical subjects to my portfolio. 


My body of work is highly influenced by my experience of living in Sydney, Australia for nearly 10 years. I left Australia in July 2022 to continue my travels and explore other parts of the world. In 2023, I completed my first commercial commission consisting of four oil paintings and 6 watercolour illustrations for a psychotherapy practice in Dresden, Germany. 


My main inspiration has always been nature and my travels, and I’m sure Australian flora and landscapes will continue to inspire my work for years to come. However, I look forward to taking journeys to new places, discover different landscapes, flora and fauna, and watch different parts of my inner artist awaken through new experiences. 

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